Microsoft PowerPoint


Sutherland Business Training Centre offers two Microsoft PowerPoint Training courses. Introduction to PowerPoint and Intermediate/Advanced PowerPoint.

See the course outline below to select which course is best suited to your skills.


If you are interested in learning about Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate/Advanced please contact us to have a course description emailed out to you.

If you are unsure which course would be best suited for your skill set, please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

After successful completion of our course we offer follow up email and telephone support.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint​

  • Basic Design Principles and Planning your Presentation

  • Slide Layouts

  • PowerPoint Slide Properties

  • Opening, Moving through a Presentation

  • Printing and Saving a Presentation

  • Closing a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Create a New Blank Presentation

  • Create a New Presentation using a Template

  • Changing Text Attributes

  • Adding Speaker Notes and Print Speaker Notes

  • Deleting Moving a Slide

  • Graphics

  • Slide Transitions

  • Adding a Theme to your presentation

  • Animation

  • Headers and Footers

  • Charts

  • Hyperlinks

  • Slide Master

  • Creating a Presentation using a PowerPoint Template

  • Slide Show Timings

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