Microsoft Outlook

Sutherland Business Training Centre offer training in Microsoft Outlook. We have separated the three main features of outlook into separate modules.

You have the option of learning over two full days all features of Microsoft Outlook and what it all has to offer or, you have the option to choose from our following modules which part of Outlook you would like to learn.

See the course outline below to select which course is best suited to your skills. If you are interested in our Microsoft Outlook Advanced course, please contact us for a course outline.

Working with emails

  • Creating an email

  • Options when sending an email

  • Incoming mail

  • Sending attachments

  • Open an attachment

  • Save an attachment

  • Request read receipt

  • Out of office

  • Recall a message

  • Resending a message

  • Adding a signature

  • Creating folders

  • Working with rules

  • Voting buttons

Calendar and contacts

  • Calendar Scheduling and Changing Appointments

  • Creating an Appointment from a Message

  • Meeting Requests with a Preview of Your Calendar

  • Working with Multiple Calendars

  • Sharing a Calendar with a Co-worker

  • Sharing Calendar Information Outside Your Organisation

  • Displaying Different Views of the Calendar

  • Working with Your Contacts

  • Viewing Your Contacts

  • Personalising Contacts

  • Sending Business Cards

  • Creating a Contact Group


  • Creating Tasks from Scratch

  • Creating Tasks from Outlook Items

  • Updating Tasks

  • Removing Tasks and Items from Task Lists

  • Assigning Tasks to Others

  • Tasks Other People assign to You

  • Displaying Different Task Views

  • Finding and Organising Tasks

  • Organising Outlook Using Colour Categories

  • Working with Conversation

  • View Organizing Messages in Folders

  • Creating Rules to Process Messages

  • The To-Do Bar

  • Quickly Locating Messages and Other Outlook Items

  • Creating and Managing Quick Steps Using Notes

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