Microsoft Excel 

Sutherland Business Training Centre offer three levels of Microsoft Excel Training: Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced.

Each course is tailored to suit your individual needs and work requirements.

If you are unsure which course would be best suited for your skill set, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


After successful completion of our course we offer follow up email and telephone support.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • Identify the Components of the Excel Interface

  • Create an excel spread sheet

  • Use the Help feature

  • Entering and editing data

  • Creating and copying formulae

  • Creating functions easily

  • Inserting/deleting rows/columns

  • Changing fonts

  • Colours and borders

  • Merging and aligning cells

  • Page break preview

  • Using page layout view

  • Headers and footers

  • Freezing the panels

  • Selecting chart data

  • Quick ways to create charts

  • Formatting your chart

  • Table styles

  • Using calculated columns

  • Header rows and total rows

  • Sorting and simple filtering


Microsoft Excel Intermediate/Microsoft Excel Advanced

  • Maths Formulas & Functions            

  • Customise Toolbars               

  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar            

  • Switch Rows and Columns                

  • Wrapping Text in a Cell        

  • Working with large spreadsheets       

  • Working with Dates in Excel

  • Formatting Dates                   

  • How to Enter the Current Date          

  • Insert a Table Using the Default Table Style            

  • Insert a Table Using a Style of Your Choice 

  • Calculated Columns   

  • Create or Remove a Drop-Down List

  • Conditional Formatting         

  • Quick Formatting: Data Bars, Colour Scale, and Icon Sets  

  • Work with Highlight Cells Rules or Top/Bottom Rules                   

  • Centre a Spreadsheet on the Page                  

  • Repeat Rows or Columns on Every Page      

  • Annotate a Worksheet with Comments         

  • Print Comments on a Worksheet 

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